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Hank Chen

Design Philosophy

I believe good design should highlight the essence of a product, going beyond its outward appearance to showcase its core uniqueness. Through my unique perspective and creativity, I aim to create designs that resonate with consumers and help products stand out in the market.


Business Scope

Product Design: Focused on solving problems and faithfully presenting the essence of products, I create designs that resonate with users and go beyond practicality to provide enjoyment.

Graphic Design: Providing tailor-made design solutions for brands, I ensure that the provided solutions meet the needs of clients and effectively convey brand values and essence.

Photography: With years of marketing and photography experience, I excel at capturing the maximum allure of products, enhancing their visibility and sales impact.

Integrated Design Services

Dedicated to providing design solutions that highlight the essence of products, I focus on offering comprehensive design services.

I specialize in product design, graphic design, photography, and brand strategy.

We are ready to provide better solutions

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