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By basing our design on betel nut leaf sheaths, we are committed to providing a zero-pollution, environmentally friendly option. Simultaneously, we infuse indigenous culture into modern life, harmonizing environmental preservation with cultural heritage.




Eco-Friendly Utensils


Concept Design

Status & Date

Hank Chen


In exploring the connection between culture and the environment, we discovered the profound cultural significance inherent in betel nut leaf sheaths. We transformed them into eco-friendly utensils, further integrating them into mainstream life, thus reinterpreting indigenous culture.

Design Philosophy

Through studying the characteristics of betel nut leaf sheaths, we developed a series of eco-friendly utensils. These products not only prioritize aesthetics and practicality but also emphasize the efficient use of resources and environmental protection. Made from pure natural materials, they naturally decompose after use, becoming part of the natural cycle.

Concept Summary

Inspired by the connection between culture and the environment, we reinterpreted betel nut leaf sheaths as eco-friendly utensils. Through in-depth research, we discovered their profound indigenous cultural significance, which served as the foundation for creating a series of products that can reappear in mainstream life. These utensils not only respect and inherit indigenous culture but also contribute to environmental protection. By transforming these natural materials into aesthetically pleasing and practical utensils, we integrate culture and environmental protection, offering consumers a sustainable and meaningful lifestyle.

The Relationship Between Culture and the Environment

The process of making Yeqiao into recycled fertilizer.

We firmly believe that eco-friendly utensils should not only be a choice but also a lifestyle. Based on this belief, we are dedicated to developing pure natural and biodegradable takeaway utensils. Through improvements and innovations in traditional craftsmanship, we utilize hot-press mold technology to transform betel nut leaf sheaths into waterproof, oil-repellent natural utensils. These utensils not only offer practicality but also naturally decompose after use, becoming part of the natural cycle. We believe that every individual's choice impacts the environment. Therefore, by offering this eco-friendly option, we hope to inspire more people to join the ranks of Earth's protectors.

Zero-Pollution Eco-Friendly Choice

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