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Video highlights

Between Light And Shadow

To intuitively showcase the aesthetic intricacies of the ceiling fan in marketing, we've produced a series of product videos and photos with a theme centered around light and shadow. With light delicately dancing and gliding across the product's texture, one can truly experience the allure of the product amidst the interplay of light and shadow.

The taste of military village in memory
In 2020, I took on a food commercial photography project. Its products have become household delicacies in the village. In response to the epidemic, brands urgently need to find new business breakthroughs in online shopping, which has given birth to the demand for photography. In order to stand out in the market, shoot a series of high-end food photography for the new brand, from the preparation of ingredients to the presentation of the final product. The project presents the essence of high-end ingredients through fresh ingredients combined with the temperature of photography.

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