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Designed for Ganle Dining Hall, the packaging for Tearful Hot Sauce transforms the rich sauce into a black base motif. Through the interpretation of ingredient textures on the packaging, it evokes consumers' imagination of "spiciness," particularly highlighting the representative ingredient of Tearful Hot Sauce, the "bird's eye chili." Simultaneously, the design considers the opening strip, complemented by hot stamping printing. With the captivating flavor of Tearful Hot Sauce, it serves well for both gifting and personal use.

Tearful Hot Sauce
Package design

Design Concept

The Can


Package Design


In Production 2021

Status & Date

Hank Chen


Design Recipe

Selected fresh ingredients including green onions, garlic, black and white sesame seeds, and flavorful bird's eye chili powder are combined with an exclusive secret recipe and over ten types of aromatic spices. They are swiftly stir-fried over high heat and then hand-tossed, locking in the flavor with cumin-infused chili oil before slowly simmering to achieve a rich aroma and complex layers of taste. The result is a combination of freshness, sweetness, spiciness, and fragrance lingering on the palate, offering a satisfying and exhilarating culinary experience that's so delicious it brings tears to the eyes.

Tearful Hot Sauce Package design / © Hank Chen

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